About Individual Services

With the rapid cultural and interdimensional changes we are all experiencing, it can be helpful to call in sacred and empathic guidance to chart an aligned and purpose-driven pathway for your life.

To support your journey, Melanie Kay offers this trinity of services to help you align, activate, and alchemize your highest self for its fullest expression.


 Tarot and Oracle Cards are used as a divination tool to ask the Multidimensional realms for guidance on areas in your life such as relationship, family, health, or career – or in places where you may be feeling stagnancy or “stuckness.” The cards and the psychic interpretation of the cards lead to insight and movement towards greater alignment with your divine soul path.

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 Using both Mayan cosmology and Sidereal Astrology, this reading reveals your Galactic Signature (Soul Purpose) and insights from your Astrological Chart (Life Path and Current Challenges) in order to bring your Body//Heart//Mind//Spirit into the greatest alignment and flow. This revealing look at your unique soul signature activates for optimal presence in the eternal now.

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With Melanie’s training as a somatic psychotherapist, she holds a strong container for you to explore within your Soma - Body//Mind//Heart//Spirit, revealing deeply held mysteries from this life and beyond. She works with Multidimensional support to help you Release, Recalibrate, and Integrate Healing Energies. This session dives into the depths in order to alchemize fragments of self, bringing you towards greater wholeness in this embodied now.

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Resonance Report III // Preparing to Launch

Jan 10, 2023

Resonance Report II // The Promise of 2023

Jan 01, 2023

Planetary Insights // January 1st-7th

Dec 31, 2022