About Earth Activation Tours

Earth Activation Tours are more than sacred site tours, they are integrated experiences that bring you into connection with your highest soul expression at the most potent land vortexes on the planet.
We incorporate various presence practices in all our tours, including meditation, somatic movement,
 ceremony, and co-creative circle work to deepen the benefits of visiting these important healing destinations.


February 14th - 28th, 2024

This tour provides an intensive immersion into the ancient temple sites along the Nile River Valley. From Abu Simbel to the Giza plateau, we activate all the chakras of the body along with the memories and mythos of the ancient Egyptian deities. This tour is a co-creative experience of Egypt that will transcend time and help you leap into your next soul evolution. 

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Join us on the sacred pilgrimage to Gosaikunda. This lake is said to be an abode for Lord Shiva as he created the lake during the epic Samudra Manthan epic told in the Vishnu Purana.  Observing the auspicious eclipse portal, we will trek through mountains, arriving to Gosaikunda on the day of the Lunar eclipse,  creating an offering to clear and purifying our own inner landscapes. 

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We, in our human embodiments, are the microcosm of the macrocosm that is this planet. The more we understand and flow with her earth streams, the more we can connect to our inner energetic body, thereby embodying more life force (qi).

The gift of our inner work translates directly to the health of the planet and all its lifeforms. 

An earth activation is a ceremonial celebration that catalyzes this ‘innerstanding.’