Our capacity for communication is well beyond what we currently express in our day-to-day lives. Whether it’s the relationship with our own biology or a being from the mineral, plant, animal or spirit kingdom, we tend to deny or minimise our ability to dialogue with these realms. By increasing our multidimensional intuitive communication with these relations, our lives become far more expressive, colorful, playful and expansive.

Participating in life in this deeply connected way allows for your own personal alignment and amplifies connection and harmony for the planet. This is why Star :: Body :: Earth was born. 

All our courses, tours, and individual services are designed to assist you in bridging the relationship to your multidimensional self and to all our relations within the collective consciousness. 


Melanie Kay has dedicated her life to a path of service and to Earth’s Ascension. As this requires a multitude of roles to support the collective, she proudly holds titles such as Tarot Reader, Mayan and Sidereal Astrologer, Reiki Master, Somatic Psychotherapist, Galactic High Priestess, Crystalline Grid Mechanic and Ascension Researcher. It is her absolute joy and pleasure to share her gifts and wisdom in any way to support your journey.


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"To Practice Acknowledgement of the Divine Rhythms in Life is to Honour Beauty, Creativity and Love.

By Aligning with the Original Purpose, Life opens Innovation, Imagination and the Love of God." 

ISTA TO :: Blue Eye 

11:11 The Symbols - The Universal Symbols and Laws of Creation