'Moon'thly Astrology Predictions Based in Sidereal Time 

Moon Cycle :: April 8th - May 7th 

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 Your fiery kickstarter life force is serving the collective this moon cycle with a blast 💥 of unpredictable growth and expansion towards your soul path, inspiring others to jump into the unknown🌪️ and have a play for themselves.
The Sun, your stellar commander in chief👮‍♂️, joins your company on the 13th and really amplifies your power, while from the 18th-22nd, you start feeling that streeeeetttttccchhhhh 🤸🏼 into your destiny path. Stay open to the mystery!
The later half of the moon cycle, April 25th - May 7th, your fire power will soften and you’ll feel the balance of the goddess come in for integration🧕🏽.
Enjoy! It’s not all the time where you see this much action towards collective wellbeing leading the way in your often ego-driven pursuits. 


The beginning of this moon cycle had you grounding some powerful reflections 🪞 for all that’s going on with the collective and the liberation this eclipse brings to the table for humanity. Focus on supporting others without sacrificing your boundaries and you will feel deep satisfaction within your service.
May 1st opens up a new energy of expansion and growth in your pursuits and finances 🌱 💵. Stay heart-centered and you will thrive as these new opportunities emerge and slowly start to show themselves… stay patient - you won’t feel the peak of this new energy till the next moon cycle. 


This moon cycle has the potential to be a train wreck for you and your divine opposite, Sagittarius 🚂🤯 pay close attention to the mood swings and intense energies around April 13th//14th and 28th//29th when the moon highlights these uncomfortable tension points.
This moon cycle definitely calls for you to hang back, lay low, rest, recoup and reflect. 🛌 It’s definitely not time to be start in’ somethin’ as MJ would say… you could get stuck in the middle, and the pain is thunder 🎶.


Ooooh! This moon cycle actually starts off quite boring for you… which I know you loooove dear Cancerian. Grounding into home and self is the name of the game 🏠 ~ doing the ultimate chill while everyone else seems to lose their head. 🤯
April 15th - 17th shines light and supports all that’s happening with your watery alliances in Pisces 🐠 - you are happy and resourced to help harmonize the flow of movement and mayhem amongst the collective by keeping it a “them problem”.
April 30th brings about some of the themes you were facing last moon cycle so be prepared for the redux. Art-making could be a powerful practice for this brief transit - love hueeee 💓🌈💓


t’s all about youuuu this moon cycle (when is it not!) - creating new spaces for you to sing your heart song and dance to your own drum.💃🏻🥁.
This gets amplified on April 18th//19th when you quite literally feel your inner heart stretch into more capacity than you can imagine 💓. Protect your precious vulnerability during this time and put some effort into stabilizing for the week following because karma awaits you around May 3rd.
Preparation is the key to navigating this transit with ease. Godspeed you earth angel 😇. 



Breathwork and fasting will do wonders for you this moon cycle dear Virgo 🌬️. With all the action in the sky directly opposing your sign, it is important for you to realize how important your physical health is to the collective.
It’s also time to let go of your fears and your ego and start speaking up about your knowledge around health and healing… not only will it inspire the masses, it will build up your confidence around your hardworking nature 🛠️ and highlight how you organize complex concepts through experience.
The name of the game is self-care and especially during the lunar transit from the 20th-22nd… you may want to try a more passive form of embodiment via massage or bodywork on these days 💆🏻‍♀️ Treat yo’self! 


Like your Virgo neighbor, practicing and even doubling down on your inherent skills will be in service to the collective awakening that’s happening this moon cycle. That’s right - it’s all about holding the balance…⚖️ especially in your house and home.
While the collective is expanding externally into the Aquarian age and new earth ways of being, it’s your job to turn inwards and find all the spaciousness and newness in you 🧘🏼.
If you stay with this trajectory, by April 23rd//24th, you will have some revelations and depth wisdom come through in regards to duality ☯️. 


This moon cycle is surprisingly chill for you, lovely Scorpio 🦂. You are so familiar with depth transformational work and the underworld that while everyone else is flipping out and going thru it, you can pat yourself on the back and just relaaaaaaxxxx… 🛀 preferably by a body of water with a lounge chair and cocktail//mocktail in hand 🏝️.
Pay attention to the April 11th//12th & April 25th//27th transits of the moon through your water sister sign Cancer 🦀 and your own sign as it will Trine with all the planetary action in Pisces.
Your capacity for acceptance, unconditional love and finding the flow state 🌊 will truly support the collective and your gift of presence will be appreciated and seen. 


Honestly, I feel like you don’t really pay that much attention to your divine opposition sign of Gemini 👯‍♀️. It’s like, out of sight, out of mind. But this moon cycle, you may want to reach out to those many-faced twins and commiserate as you are holding similar tension points in the astro realities.
The mood swings and intense energies around April 13th//14th and 28th//29th are definitely something to note and prepare for as you and Gemini will both be feeling the fallout.
While Gemini is just straight up IN IT, the latter transit brings you into a full spectrum of chaos magic 🌈🌪️with a trinity alliance with your fiery friend Aries and the Sun, bringing all of your range and capacity to a higher light if you maintain your focus.
Stay strong 💪🏼, this moon is a mission. 


After all that personal and introspective work last moon cycle, it’s time to reach into the realm of relationships 👪 to start assessing the landscape and drawing boundaries. Some people in your life are not supporting and//or matching the energies you are bringing to the table.
This moon cycle is all about how to reconcile these relationships, assessing the closeness with which you keep these friends, relatives or workmates.
April 15th and 30th will shed revelatory light onto this process, while May 2nd give you a much needed relief from all this process work for a while. 😮‍💨 


Ok, Aquarius… be warned - the first four days of this moon cycle mark some serious karmic delivery in regards to how the world perceives you. You may feel misunderstood or you may need to take accountability for some actions taken in the past or words that were spoken that hurt. Stay rooted and take it slow 🌳. The humility, presence and attention you effort in these four days will really pay off in the long run.
After April 13th, that very obvious karmic return will drop into your world to alchemise on the inner planes - no need to continue tracking so deeply… just letting the integration happen organically is where it’s at.
The power of the process will be illuminated 🕯️on May 3rd so hang tight. 


Woah woah woah… can we have any more planets passing through your sign this moon cycle?!? WTF. 😬 With the Sun//Moon//Chiron conjunction//Eclipse on April 8th to Mercury retrograde in Pisces til May 2nd
From Venus in exaltation til the 24th and then Mars taking over, conjoining with Neptune to sail the cosmic sea…
Dannnngggggg, you have just got a LOT going on. ⚛️
My only advice for you is to be the deep vast ocean you are and just FLOW… 🌊. You are holding the consciousness keys 🔑 to a global liberation event. Your natural humility and egoless nature benefit everyone this moon cycle. Ahoy! 🛥️
Let’s just practice keeping one eye to solid land so you don’t get lost at sea, kk? 

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