'Moon'thly Astrology Predictions Based in Sidereal Time 

Moon Cycle :: July 5th - August 4th 

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:: ARIES ::

Time to focus all that fire on your inner health which means your physical health, your emotional health, AND your mental health. 🩺 You have a lot of energy towards clearing and releasing anything that no longer serves your purpose. Take care, and heed this warning - there’s no time to lose.
Everything will come to a beautiful conclusion towards the end of July if you play your cards right. 🃏 You have the resources to make it work… Fasting, cleansing, movement practices, an exercise regime? 🤸🏻‍♀️ All will benefit you this month immensely. 

:: TAURUS ::

A lot is on deck for you this moon cycle, dear Taurian. The planets are beaming into your house of relationships, abundance, benevolence, and good fortune towards expanding your connections. This includes love, friendships, and business relationships. 💞 Your direct action towards building a network is palpable and unexpected connections occur as a result. 🕸️ Don’t be surprised if you have a serendipitous crystallisation happen around July 29//30th. 🔮 This moon is destined for you to create a network of support for your divine path.

:: GEMINI ::

The New Moon lands at 20* Gemini in the 8th house this cycle.. this is not an easy placement for your flow, dear Gemini. 🦇 Don’t be surprised if you feel overly emotional, especially related to your self-worth.  Not to worry, these feelings are fleeting as they shift within days, moving your psyche into a revelation about how you are seen in the world. 🌎 This inner and outer confusion and change will go on until July 15 where you will have a much needed time of integration and rest. 🛌
All of this new information will settle by the end of the month when the moon is waning and getting ready to begin anew. Be easy and gentle with yourself in this transit, you deserve it.  💫 

:: CANCER ::

This is your time to shine when it comes to social media, and how you present yourself to the world. 📱 Love yourself, give yourself lots of permission to explore, communicate, shine your brightest Self and let the world see you in all that you are. 🌟 You have a strong inner feminine presence with you whilst the sun is shining in your house of recognition.  This emanates from the 15th throughout the entire rest of the moon cycle. ☀️ Take advantage and show yourself off. I know this is unusual for you as you prefer that humility… but dang… let it go and live it up! It’s time to find a new facet to the precious gem that you are. 💎 

:: LEO ::

Wow wow wow. It is truly time for you to step into divine leadership, which is your obvious birthright, dear Leo. 🦁 The 9th of July brings an apex to your inner sense of courage, while your clear communication about this state of being comes online July 19.  🧗‍♂️ Finally, you feel a sense of groundedness and home in your new role around July 31. This is a quick cycle of readiness,  so give yourself a huge pat on the back, receive any and all praise coming your way, live into that pride and magnanimity that you are, and truly thrive throughout this moon. 🏅 You are amazing. 


:: VIRGO ::

Virgo, this is the time for you to remember why you are here on earth. What is your purpose? What are the skills you’re bringing to the table to build the new earth? 🛠️ From July 7 through the 13th, doors will open to a deeper understanding of your role as a builder in this planetary evolution. 🚪 Keep mining those gems of wisdom from the dreamtime and the beyond. 🌌 Continue listening to your friends, family and community around you as they share how important you are in the development of these new structures. 🧱 The mirror of self is being shown to you this moon - take it all in and cherish every reflection. The good, the bad and the ugly all contribute to your development. Be grateful for it all. 🪞 

:: LIBRA ::

Grrrrlll - if there was ever a time to rest, release, and rejuvenate, this is the tiiiiime! 😴 Let go of all of your responsibilities. Yes, I am serious. Let it all go. Work on doing less and being more. Listen to your self. 👂 Meditate and ground in to the vastness of your capacity to balance, and hold duality. 🧘🏾‍♀️ That is the most important effort that you could make this moon cycle and even if it goes against your nature, I trust you know exactly what to do…. excuse me! What to BEE. 🐝 


Well well well…. what a twist for you this moon, dear Scorpio. You are usually focused on perceiving the relational and collective shadows of the time, often including the most taboo, controversial and underworld matters… 🧟 This moon cycle, however, is a time to reverse all of that, focusing in and on yourself.
While you’re oppositional mate Taurus is expanding, making relational connections, and being in the spontaneity of the life - you are being asked to go deeply within to mine the inner depths of your psyche and self. ⛏️ Trust in this. It is not a time to reflect others, or support the collective, or see into the wholeness of the shadow world. It is time to see everything in the mirror of self and the diamond of your inner heart. A challenge no doubt, but well worth the effort. 💓💖💓


Oh the drama, dear Sagittarius. You are having to be so oppositional to your true nature of this moon cycle. It is time to do NOTHING. 😂 Stop exploring, stop learning, stop engaging in new practices, new relationships, new tastebud excursions, etc. 🏹
Creating routine and taking care of yourself in the most mundane way is the best expression for your soul psyche this moon cycle. 📊 I know it sounds heavy to your adventurous nature, but it is the best way to integrate your big experiences from the first half of the year and to support your soul evolution moving forward. Think of this moon as your inner adventure of stillness and solitude. 🕊️ Your inner cosmonaut will thank you. 


What can I say, you are still in the depths of the deep reconstruction that is the earth element in these times. What you’ve been experiencing these last few moon cycles is finally able to come to a place of expression.  🗣️ As your voice emerges and you’re able to communicate what you’ve been going through, you feel a deep, nurturing presence supporting you around July 12th. 🌬️
The combination of communication, being seen and feeling nurtured gives you new insights and epiphanies by July 21, where the moon is full in your sign. 🌕 Enjoy this momentary clarity as you will continue to excavate and support shifts throughout this potent year of change. Hold in heart your deep role as a catalyst in this global evolution and you will stay positive and empowered. 💥 


Home is where the revolution is… 😋 💞 You are transforming via your surroundings, and you have been for quite some time. This sentiment will be present from the new moon through the 12th when you will be recognized for your gifts in this deep transformation. 🎁 Throughout the rest of the moon cycle, your efforts will be highlighted, supported, and finally seen by the community by July 28.
Stay strong and steadfast in these transformational times. 🏋🏻‍♀️ You are a wayshower, and it all begins at home. Work on contrasting your inner home and your impact will be undeniable. 🏡

:: PISCES ::

Oh my dear fishy friends… 🎏 These past few months have been immensely stacked with movement, flow, progression, difficulty, and all that’s in-between. ⚛️ It’s not that things let up this moon cycle, it is just an entirely different feeling as the planetary elements within your sign are now being presented as gifts and integrated experiences. 💝 Enjoy the easeful currents for a while - the storm is finally through and you get to enjoy the afterglow. 🌊🌞 This is especially true around July 25th.  

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