'Moon'thly Astrology Predictions Based in Sidereal Time 

Moon Cycle ::
February 9th - March 10th

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Ok my little pocket rocket 🚀 - you are up for an unexpected expansion in your career this moon cycle. This will intensify around Valentine’s Day and will benefit you if you can keep your divine masculine/feminine balance in check. ☯️

March 1st will solidify this new transition at work so stay close to your peace practices🧘🏻‍♀️and cool that inner fire ❄️🔥🛁 (Ice baths perhaps?) to make the most of this gain. 


Comm-un-i-taye is the name of the game for your stoic self this moon, lovely Taurian.  There’s a couple of bumps in the road 🛣️🚧between Feb 16th-18th as you release more of the patriarchal programming and come to terms with your karma, affecting those around you with ripples of your transformational work. Feb 28th brings it all to a head as you shed light ☀️ and communicate 📣 these shifts to the collective. 


Oh my duality soup! Don’t be surprised if you get lost and confused about your life path this moon cycle… you are being thrust into the ocean 🌊 of consciousness without bounds or stable ground. Even your mental and communicative prowess can’t get you out of floating into the depths 🪔. This intensity hits its apex ⛰️ on Feb 23rd. Plan on spending the rest of the cycle in integration. ♾️


This is your time to step up and show yourself to the world, dear watery one 🦀. While many people are in the swirls of feeling lost, confused, lonely and isolated… you are able to be a beacon of hope as your familiarity with these feelings has you leading the way 🔦🌟. Stand in your vulnerable power and you will be recognized as a guide this moon cycle. Your softness and emotionality become a pathway for increased confidence and self-worth. 💪🏼


Ok shining Leo ⚜️🦁⚜️, it’s essential to keep your head high this moon as you are going to be thrust into a true test of your character between Feb 24th - 28th. The full moon peaks in your 2nd house during this time and the inner highlighting of karmic return may leave you speechless. Stay strong 💪🏼 and let the cycles unfold naturally with grace and ease. You got this! 🏆



This moon cycle is calling for you to stand strong in your structure 🏢 as it seems like everything around you is falling away. Friends being loosey-goosey with their loyalties and integrity piss you off around Feb 12th… luckily, your voice is your sword 🗡️ and you are able to communicate with clarity and ease. By the 27th, all is flowing and you are able to relax into harmony and balance ⚖️. 


It’s time to cocoon and stay indoors my peacekeeping friend. 🕊️The spontaneous unexpected firestorm that is happening through this transit is definitely not your ballpark ⚾️ and no one is asking you to partake, especially during the overrated Valentines 💌 day mayhem. Take your time this moon to cozy up and chill… By Feb 29th, you will recognize how much you are master of complete wholeness 💠 as everyone else around you deals with their own inner masculine/feminine balance 👩🏻‍❤️‍👨🏽


The beginning of this moon cycle is easy breezy for you 🌬️! A rarity for the underworld-loving Scorpio 🦂. Focus on your gifts 🎁, celebrate your talents, share your inspiration, and it will be smooth sailing on open calm waters ⛵️.

As March 2nd rolls around, you’ll be in some murky meanderings with past troubles and how to speak your truth to what’s being revealed. The strength you built at the beginning of this cycle will steer you through the storm ⛈️- stay resourced during this time 📿🙏🏼.


Grounded health and wellness is the thru line for you this moon, my skywalker friend. 🩻⚕️By Feb 12th, you’ll understand what I mean as your primary inner wounds start to manifest on the surface. Don’t freak out! This too shall pass as long as you stay present and work to transmute the root of the problem. Your lightning-quick attentive solutions ⚡️⚡️⚡️ bring rapid shifts by March 4th. The inner expansion is both enigmatic and palpable. 🔮


Hold on to your horses 🐎 all Capricornia out there… eyes 👀 are on you as six planets transit your territory this moon cycle. The entire moonth is about balance of power in relationships - if anything isn’t singing harmonious, you will hear it thru the grapevine or direct communication by the New Moon on Feb 9th 🌚. The revelations intensify from Feb 15th - Feb 29th with Divine Masculine//Feminine balancing being the focus. Stay patient with yourself and go slow… the repatterning is an important step in your evolution and you don’t want to f&$@ it up! Not to worry, this deep diving let’s up next moon cycle 🔄 so make the most of these inner renovations. 🏠


It’s a cosmic party for you this moon cycle, dear water-bearer ✨🏺✨

Epiphanies and karmic insights emerge from the depths 🎣 in a smooth and rhythmic way from Feb 10th - 20th. Stay inward in your process and by Feb 27th, you will be able to clearly communicate this to the community so they can ride your healing vibes 💓 The sensation of fullness in your true nature may surprise you and will definitely leave a positive impact on the masses🫰💥. 


Your depth and knowledge of the vast cosmic sea 🌊 are finally getting the public recognition you deserve, my piscean friend 🐠. The almost obsession with healing your core psychic wounds is profound and definitely should be on display for all to see this moon cycle. 

Your mastery and willingness to explore unity consciousness are shining bright 🌟 - it’s your chance to take full advantage of this potent time in your unspoken leadership. Feb 27th may throw a wrench in your flow so make sure you’re paying attention to the stop signs 🛑. By the 29th, the spotlight shifts to Aries so make the most of it while you got it! 🕺🏻

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