Planetary Insights // January 1st-7th

13daywavespell january2023 moon nakshatra planetaryinsights retrogrades Dec 31, 2022

 January 1st // January 7th

Full Moon: Each New Moon sets the tone for the energies of that Moon Cycle. This past New Moon in December happened to be in the Nakshatra* Mula, which is about cutting everything back down to the roots; to what is most important and vital.
During this Full Moon in the first week of January, we will be experiencing the fullness of this process in the Nakshatra* Punarvasu, the star of Renewal.
This pairing couldn't be more indicative of the hurdles we are traversing during this New Year gateway.

Retrogrades: With Mars and Mercury in Retrograde at a challenging angle to each other this first week of January, we are being asked to continue working on how we navigate and express ourselves in the world. Can we be empowered and graceful, balanced as we walk our soul's path. This is the challenge. Don't be surprised if you lose your cool this week - These challenges help us review and refine our Earthwalk.

13-day Wavespell: This week we are closing out the 13-day Wavespell of Wind. This asks us to trust in spirit for inspiration, guidance and protection. A perfect week to keep your ears and eyes open to the realms of the unseen.

Clear and Refresh. Refine your Power. Deeply Listen.


*Nakshatra is a "lunar mansion" or a fixed star // asterism used in Jyotish // Vedic Astrology. There are 27 Nakshatras nested within the 12 constellations of the elliptical. They offer a greater refinement in frequency when studying astrology. 


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