Resonance Report III // Preparing to Launch

earthactivationtours egypt january2023 resonancereport Jan 10, 2023

Preparing to Launch

We are in the final weeks of this New Year bridge with Mars, Mercury and Uranus still retrograde until the third week of January. Can you feel the way they are impulsing you into a greater awareness of how you move, communicate and access your own freedom in this time? 

With all planets stationing direct by January 19th, we have a major opportunity to take all the reflection and clearing work we did in 2022 and put into into a strong forward moving action. 

At Star::Body::Earth - We are Kicking off this 2023 season of the Launch with an Earth Activation Tour in Egypt! This pilgrimage is a once in a lifetime opportunity to connect with soul family as we traverse ancient earth vortexes and the temples that were constructed to honour the energetic transmissions of this sacred land. 

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